Using Streaming Video Banners as a design element ( Vi-Ban technology ) is a new concept that WPX Design has developed for websites that gives static graphics that extra kick.  The use of video on the Internet is not new, but seamlessly incorporating it into the web design is. In our samples there are dozens of examples of exciting new web pages that come alive by the use of Vi-Ban technology ( video banners ) .  This website uses videos in the banner as an example.  The videos at the top of this page are compilations of clips that we have used on active sites.

We are able to offer this technology and design skills to anyone with a website regardless of who designed your site or where it is being hosted.  Not all sites will work, but most of them will. 

The only requirements are the following:

  • Access to your web files ( for uploading and downloading your finished product )
  • Sufficient web space and bandwidth to accommodate a video.
  • If using a template - the template owner must give you permission to edit their files
  • A web host that supports Flash 8 + and Java-script ( most do)
  • A design that has room for video

And that's pretty well it.


Whole process to get you up and running:

$600.00 for use on unlimited pages on your site ( You supply the video clip )

If you need us to shoot the Video ( example - A welcome to my Website introduction shot by a Mortgage Broker, Real Estate Agent . Company CEO etc. )

$60.00 per hour shooting and editing





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