WPX Design Studio helps large and small businesses seeking to establish an effective presence on the Internet. We strive to design visually stunning web sites that draw users. We offer innovative solutions for all your marketing needs, and - most importantly - we work to help you attract more business.

WPX Design Offers:
Content Management Systems
Search Engine Friendly Page Creation
Online shopping carts


WPX Web Design and Services

Content Management Systems
Control your own Content with Editable, Expandable Sites.

WPX Design Studio creates expandable, client-editable websites. Add, Edit and Delete search engine friendly pages as needed with our easy-to-use content management online interface.

WPX can also convert your existing web site into an editable web site.

WPX can also create an editable, expandable web site from a Photoshop graphic file of a finished web layout design. This can be designed by any graphic designer.

Knowledge of HTML is not required to update your own site. We have designed a password protected control panel on each site. The content management system built into every site is designed to be used by anyone. Using our content management system is similar to using Microsoft Word.

You can easily upload and add photos, pdfs, add links, numbered or bulleted lists and format text (color, size and attributes) by highlighting and clicking button icons. Add ready to use and editable modules - Guest Books, FAQ systems, Contact email forms, Picture Galleries with captions, Slide Shows, Listings Manager, Newsletter builders with email database, and more by choosing them from a drop down menu.

Don't have time or don't want to update your own pages? Many basic websites are built with the pages - home page, about us , our Products etc. If this content is supplied to us in advance we will place it on your site. You can still edit the content or leave it as is, it's totally up to you.

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Search engine friendly Web Pages

The majority of editable websites on the internet are dynamic and are slow loading and not search engine friendly. This is not so with WPX websites. A WPX website with content management system is designed completely different from any of it's competitors.

The design of our online software is that the only time that the data is requested from the database to make the page is when you are editing the page. Once your editing is complete the online software re-writes the code necessary to build a static web page ( HTML ) and that is what makes up the pages the public has access to. Because of this process, when an end-user requests a page, there is no need to access the database, so the page loads very quickly and is search engine friendly.

Each web page also has separate editable Meta tag and page titles - included is a keyword manager that counts the words on your page and gives you a word count and displays which keywords are being used the most.

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Add an Online Catalogue or Shopping Cart

At anytime you can add a full featured shopping cart and catalogue to your existing site. WPX Design's E-COM-CART is a fully functional hosted catalogue and on-line storefront. With multiple options per product, E-COM-CART is very flexible and easy to get going.

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Host your Website

Our Custom web sites include one year of free hosting. Clients with editable web sites require our small business hosting package at $200.00 CAD per year or $20.00 CAD per month.

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WPX Design has steadily been decreasing prices while offering their clients more. The term 'time is money' describes why we are able to offer this kind of service for so little money. Using proprietary software that we have designed for time management, we have taken most of the repetitious data entry that could take up to weeks of coding and automated the process. We have passed the savings directly to you.

Clients may also edit their web sites and add pages with our online content management interface at no additional charge.

Average Costs:

$1600 CAD for a custom client-editable web site (includes 1 year free hosting - a $200 value)

$300 CAD for converting an existing web site to an editable web site (hosting extra; hosting can be paid by the month or year)

$600 CAD for creating an editable web site from a Photoshop graphic file of a finished web layout. (hosting extra; hosting can be paid by the month or year)

Samples of websites converted to editable websites by WPX Design (designed by other companies):


The cost of developing your web site depends upon the degree of complexity involved in customization of the project and the number and type of elements used. Before you begin your project you need to identify your web site's objective; do you want your web page to inform, entertain, or sell?

But before you can decide your web site's objective, you will need to identify your target market. This is one of the most important distinctions you will make - for only when you have identified your target market can we formulate an effective marketing plan and promotional strategy.

Once you have determined your target market and your objective, you are ready to consider how we can help you to meet your goals and expectations. Since every client's project is unique, every client receives an individual consultation. Our discussions can take place in person, via the Internet or via any of the other digital technologies that we support. With your objectives clear and our expert marketing services your business will have a powerful advantage in today's competitive market.

All prices are quoted and billed in Canadian funds.
Click here to see up to date exchange rates.

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WPX Design Studio works with each customer to create technically sound and graphically exciting web sites. All clients' projects receive individual attention; we pay close attention to our clients' vision for their businesses.

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